J.S. Parker Cemetery

Offering a variety of burial options & services to suit your individual needs

Traditional Burial

Starting at $3,600

The cemetery offers traditional in-ground burial plots throughout the park. This property selection will accommodate both casket and cremation placements. Each plot allows for the placement of up to four individuals, but only one of the four could be a casket placement. A vault is required for all placements here, and prices vary based on the location selected.

Starting at $2,250

Cremation Options at J.S. Parker Cemetery

The cemetery provides families with multiple cremation placement options, ranging from burial in a traditional grave plot to dedicated cremation properties in our beautiful Cremation Walk.

The Cemetery offers families the option to place the cremated remains of their loved one in a traditional grave space. Families can also select placement in an area of the park that is dedicated to cremation memorialization; the Cremation Walk.

The Cremation Walk is a garden walkway located in the center of the park nestled amongst mature trees:

  • Both an above-ground niche option, as well as multiple in-ground options utilizing pre-installed urn chambers adjacent to each property.
  • Two to four cremation placements each, depending on the property chosen.
  • Properties include the memorial as part of the property (engraving added separately).
  • In-ground options include natural granite boulders, beautiful, polished garden and coping blocks, upright memorials, unique Dancing Granite memorials, and sandstone bench family estates.
  • Also present is a communal ossuary, allowing for the placement of cremated remains in an underground chamber.

Why Plan Ahead?

No matter your age or health condition, it’s a good idea to think about pre-planning.

You want to leave memories, not burdens for your loved ones. Planning ahead of a need allows families to focus on:

  • Memories rather than Burdens
  • Reflections rather than Guesswork
  • Wishes rather than Worries