J.S. Parker Cemetery

A historical, non-profit Cemetery located in Parker, Colorado

A historical, non-profit Cemetery located in Parker, Colorado

The JS Parker Cemetery was created about 1874 on land owned by J. S. Parker. It is a non-profit organization operated by a volunteer Board of Directors. It is supported by the sale of property burial rights, service fees, cemetery merchandise, and donations.

Traditional Burial Options

The cemetery offers traditional in-ground burial plots throughout the park. This property selection will accommodate both casket and cremation placements. Each plot allows for the placement of up to four individuals, but only one of the four could be a casket placement.

Cremation Options

The cemetery provides families with multiple cremation placement options, ranging from burial in a traditional grave plot to dedicated cremation properties in our beautiful Cremation Walk. With both in-ground and above-ground options in this area of the park, families can find a unique and timeless final resting place for their loved one.


Families can honor and remember their loved one in many ways. Perhaps it’s a handwritten note or a digital addition sharing a special memory. Maybe it’s creating a lasting tribute in bronze or stone. It could be fresh flowers at the grave space or a tree donation to the park. The cemetery
provides multiple opportunities for families to esteem and celebrate a life lived.

Locate a Loved One at J.S. Parker Cemetery

Families can locate loved ones who have been laid to rest at the cemetery by utilizing the search feature tool. After clicking the search option, families can begin their search by entering the name of their loved one in the provided field.

Consider Pre-Planning with J.S. Parker Cemetery

No matter your age or health condition, it’s a good idea to think about pre-planning. You want to leave memories, not burdens for your loved ones. The professional staff at J.S. Parker Cemetery are here to help you through every step, ensuring that your wishes are met.