The guardian of much of the history of Parker

J.S. Parker Cemetery

The cemetery is in the heart of downtown Parker, on land donated by James Sample Parker. The cemetery was officially established in 1884. Additional land was donated to the cemetery in 1944 by the Pouppirt family, bringing it to its current size of just over 6 acres. After Parker’s death in 1910, the cemetery was titled by his heirs to the JS Parker Cemetery Association.

It was incorporated in 1916 and was given non-profit status in 1972. Since its inception, JS Parker Cemetery was designed as a “prairie cemetery,” highlighting the natural beauty of the local landscape. It is intended to be a resource for families from Parker or those with a long-term connection to the community. The Cemetery is overseen by a volunteer board of directors.

Many of the original settlers and pioneers as well as influential families throughout Parker’s history have been laid to rest at the cemetery, and the cemetery is honored to continue to serve families, both civilians and veterans. The cemetery cares for many veterans, from the Civil War to the present, and has a dedicated Veterans Memorial with the names of all who have served for our freedom who are buried at JS Parker Cemetery.

Cemetery Operations

Park Maintenance & Landscaping

The park is mowed approximately once a month during the growing season. Periodically, applications may be applied for weed mitigation as well as preventative measures for tree care. The cemetery is not responsible for any decorations that are damaged from mowing and trimming.

During the winter, every effort will be made to plow the roads in a timely manner, if the snowfall exceeds 5 inches.

There are water spigots throughout the cemetery. Water is turned on and available for families to use approximately April through October, weather permitting.

The first two weeks of February, all holiday decorations (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas) will be collected and disposed of. Informational signs will be posted in the park. The cemetery reserves the right to remove and dispose of any items that have expired, become unsightly, are encroaching on other property or are a safety hazard (glass of any kind).

As there are specified locations, tree species and size requirements, any tree planting requests must be approved and coordinated by the cemetery. All donated trees become the property of the cemetery.

Browse Burial Options at J.S. Parker Cemetery

The cemetery offers traditional in-ground burial plots throughout the park. This property selection will accommodate both casket and cremation placements. The cemetery also provides families with multiple cremation placement options, ranging from burial in a traditional grave plot to dedicated cremation properties in our beautiful Cremation Walk.